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Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton for the cover of Stella Magazine. Shot at her home in LA. Hair and makeup by Stephanie Daniel. Great article which basically sums up my experience here


So much fun shooting the new @CarlsJr commercial. 👯🍔

Promo photo for the new carls jr commercial featuring Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton shows still stil got it during her special appearance in the new carls jr commercial! check it out.

Paris hilton on the set of extra tv

Paris Hilton takes pictures with a fans baby!


So proud! Just launched my Paris Hilton Super Gel Nail Line & the entire product line sold out within 15 minutes! #Killingit! 💅💅


After a very short trip to Korea, just landed back in LA! ✈️🇺🇸 So happy to be home! ❤️ (at LAX)

PARIS HILTON: “I’m just always honest with everything, and that is a truth. Yes, I’m very fortunate. I did come from a wealthy family, but at the same time I didn’t have to work, and I chose to. I’ve done this all on my own, so I’m very proud of that fact. I easily could have been like all these spoiled trust-fund kids who never work a day in their lives, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to make a name for myself, and be independent, and not have to ask my family for anything. I’m very proud of what I accomplished and created.”


This blog is dedicated to Paris Hilton. Here you can find everything from breaking news about Paris to exclusive pictures of Paris. I'll also be posting fan made picture & videos, voicing my opinion on different topics regarding the heiress, and setting harsh rumors straight. I might even do some interviews with fellow little Hiltons. I love hearing feedback so feel free to send me some in my ask box. XOXO

Fun fact: Paris once tweeted about this blog!

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